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Reviews for The String Cheese Incident: 7/2/2011 Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI

   clay  (7/18/2011 5:34:48 PM)

having said what i just said, i better add this, the buys rocked this weekend so fuckin hard! bringin up the canyon back with resume man, n good ole cottonmouth again, rivertrance->tom saywer is absolutely rediculous. they r the most creative band playing right now and put their heart and souls into every performance. i think i sounded a little too negative in my last post.

   clay  (7/18/2011 5:23:31 PM)

ya man i dont really dig on jasons vocals at all and i cant believe they brought the whomp in kashmir. talk about butchering a classic. they were slayin' it too i stood there in horror. i feel like travis n jason try n push the electronics in cheese way too far n the rest of the guys dont seem confortable at all. they have eoto for that kind of shit, we go see cheese for some funky jammin and bluegrass! keep it cheesy guys:-)

   Queso Fresco  (7/17/2011 10:18:31 PM)

I feel ya Jason. I could do without Hann's vocals at times and the dubstep is not my favorite, but you cant deny his percussion. It definitely gives the band a "full" sound in my opinion. And look closer at Night 1. Not ONCE did a laptop make it to the stage. I was there. Nothin' but the purest organic of Cheesy space funk. Scratch the laptops and drum machines. Boost the congas and cymbals!!! That's the REAL shit!! :)

   Jason  (7/13/2011 4:10:08 PM)

I must say that I was not completely impressed with these shows. While song selection was good, the addition of Jason Hann's extra sounds just don't do it for me- especially when he sings. It's just horrible. Kang has a new effent that he employs WAY TOO MUCH. It's like a slow vibrato throughout most of the songs. The mix is ok, but there are times when Kyle is way up in thet mix and Kang is too low, especially on the fiddle parts.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm not really happy with Cheese this year. I've seen 40+ shows since '99 and while they are more rehearsed for this year, I feel like an old fogey longing for the pre-Jason Hann days.
I buy every show and attend as many as I can but my faith has been shaken with these shows.

   Collin T  (7/8/2011 6:12:38 PM)

If you dont want to download the whole show, do yourself a favor and get the Desert Dawn > Kashmir....Kashmir is cheesestep at its finest...Trust me, more than worth it..



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