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Reviews for The String Cheese Incident: 12/30/2006 Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco, CA

   MeLt  (1/25/2007 2:35:41 PM)

i agre with jimmybassman shit was great dude.....

   jimmyjambass  (1/19/2007 3:19:38 PM)

this show was one of the best times of my life! thanks you to everyone who was their you all helped make my life so much better! i love partying with you all! you are all my best friends even if i didnt get to meet you yet!! love you all with all my heart thanks for the memories

jimmy jam!

   it`s the cheese  (1/14/2007 11:52:05 PM)

Seed, I agree with you except for one thing. These are billy`s last shows. Not SCI`s last shows.

   Seed  (1/14/2007 11:03:05 PM)

One more thing... if you are put off by the recordings, don`t mistake it as the band not playing well. In my opinion, they are playing better than ever, but some of the OTR`s may be misleading in this regard. In short, don`t decide not to go see these last few shows because of what you heard on an OTR, there is quite a bit of music that they are not capturing adequately.

   Tree  (1/10/2007 7:50:57 AM)

Wonderful Time with all You Kidz, Freaks, Hipsters, Catz, and Neos. SCI Raged another Night. Thanks Guys it`s been a great time this last 11yrs of Cheese ConSCIousness.

   JJ  (1/8/2007 1:57:10 PM)

The 1st night of NYE provided Extremely High Energy from the Band and Crowd. The Across the Universe in the 1st set was unbelievable! The 2nd set provided a great treat from the band as they approached the stage they zigzagged through the crowd playing their instrument beginning the album Wheel and playing it from start to finish.

This was one Fantastic Electronic Space Trance Funk Dance Party and I Loved every minute of it!

BILLY Please DON`T LEAVE! This is way too good to give up on completely!!!!

PS: It would be great if the band would record release a SCI STYLE BLUE GRASS ALBUM. After all that were it all began.

   MGM  (1/5/2007 9:39:36 PM)

Best SCI show ever!

   Mark  (1/5/2007 5:53:21 PM)

What a great show! The whole band playing drums in the crowd to open the 2nd set was incredible. The whole band came right in front of me on the left side of the stage! And then the whole round the wheel album! I am so glad I didn`t just go to NYE, this show rocked! My last show was the late night Vegas show, and this was no let down.

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